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A new heating installation is a major investment, which is why you need an expert team on your side to walk you through the process and help you find the right solution for all your needs. Dover Phila Heating and Cooling is a Trane Comfort Specialist, so our dedicated technicians are well-equipped to help you find the perfect system for any home.

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How to Know When It’s Time for a Heater Replacement

In general, you can expect to need a furnace replacement every 20 years, while you’ll typically need a new boiler installation every 15 years. As your system nears this benchmark, you may want to start exploring your options for your next heater installation. Some signs that your heater is nearing the end of its lifespan include:

  • A steady increase in utility bills.
  • More frequent and increasingly expensive breakdowns.
  • Low boiler pressure.
  • Difficulty keeping the house warm.
  • Poor indoor air quality.
  • Loud system operation or more frequent cycling.

The Benefits of a New Heater Installation

Upgrading to a new boiler or furnace installation offers many benefits. A newer system will nearly always offer better energy efficiency than its dated counterpart. Today’s boilers rely on electronic pilot lights, and some can vent directly outside instead of through a chimney, as was previously done. Modern furnaces offer features like adjustable speed blowers to deliver more accurate and efficient heating.

Though a new heating installation requires an upfront investment, you’ll recoup some of this in the form of lower utility bills. You’ll also enjoy perks like cleaner air, quieter operation, and more even comfort throughout your home.

How to Choose Your New Heating System

You’ve likely gone at least 10 years without thinking about a new heater installation. A lot can change in the HVAC industry over that period of time. Our knowledgeable service technicians always stay on top of the latest industry trends so we can offer expert advice when you’re ready for an upgrade.

We professionally size each home before a new heater installation to make sure your system is neither too large nor too small. This ensures the best operation, longest lifespan, and fewest repair needs.

Contact Dover Phila Heating and Cooling today to learn more about our line of Trane heating products. We’ll help you explore all your options and find exactly what you need for your home and budget.

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