What Do These 3 Boiler Odors Mean in Dover, OH?

Boilers are still a source of heat for most homeowners across the country, including those in Dover, OH. Sometimes, your boiler may start producing strange smells, making you wonder whether this is normal or your unit has developed problems. We will go through common boiler odors and what they mean.

1. Rotten Egg Smell

A rotten-egg smell comes about if you have a gas leak. Natural gas contains sulfur-based compounds that produce the rotten eggs smell. Since natural gas doesn’t smell, the sulfur-based compounds make it easy to know when you have a leak.

Natural gas is highly flammable, and leaks may result in a fire disaster. Therefore, acting as soon as you detect the smell is essential. First, turn off your boiler, then ensure everybody has left the house.

Proceed to seek the services of a certified technician. Do not attempt to repair the gas leakage if you have never worked on a boiler before because you would be putting yourself in danger.

2. Musty Smell

This smell is common when you haven’t used your boiler in a while. Biological contaminants may start building up in an inactive boiler. These contaminants produce spores that interfere with your indoor air quality.

You may start sneezing and coughing more often when you inhale the spores circulating in your indoor air. This smell may disappear when a professional technician cleans the system’s parts and removes the biological contaminants.

3. Burning Smell

Your boiler produces heat with the help of a metal coil fitted in the system. Debris and dust may accumulate on this coil. These substances may burn when the coil becomes hot, resulting in a burning smell.

The odor should go away after a few minutes. If the smell does not disappear, your boiler could be having a more serious issue that needs a technician’s attention.

Contact Dover Phila Heating and Cooling for professional HVAC services this winter. Our certified technicians will take care of the problematic components to ensure the system goes back to serving you efficiently.

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