This May Be Why Your Thermostat’s Screen Is Blank in Dennison, OH

If you have never seen your thermostat’s screen go blank before, don’t panic when it happens because it’s nothing unusual. You can fix some of the issues by yourself, but you may need a technician’s help to take care of some issues. Here are a few possible reasons why your thermostat screen is blank in Dennison, OH.

Your Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

A circuit breaker trips when too many appliances are using electricity or when there is a power surge in your house. The appliance swings to action and cuts the electric current supply to prevent a fire disaster.

If your thermostat does not have a battery backup, the screen will go blank when the circuit breaker cuts the electricity supply. If this is the issue, the thermostat will come back on when you reset your circuit breaker.

Wiring Problems

Electrical connections enable your thermostat’s screen to work. Rodents may damage these connections. If you just installed the thermostat and the screen remains blank, the person doing the wiring may not have done it correctly.

It is not wise to open up your device and attempt to repair the wiring unless you are a professional. Instead, allow a technician to handle the task, and stay out of danger.

Your Thermostat’s Batteries Are Dead

If your batteries can no longer power the thermostat, the screen will go blank. Usually, your thermostat will have a “low battery” signal to show you need to replace your batteries. Getting new batteries should resolve this problem.

Your Device Is Old

A thermostat’s lifespan is about 10 years. After it surpasses the 10-year mark, the device may not operate as efficiently as when it was new. You may start noticing your screen goes blank from time to time. Investing in a new device should make this problem go away.

Call Dover Phila Heating and Cooling for exceptional thermostat services if your thermostat is operating in an unusual manner. Our technicians have worked on multiple devices, and they will diagnose and fix your thermostat accurately.

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