Save on heating and cooling costs in 2019

According to a 2018 Wallet Hub survey of energy costs, Ohioans spend on average about $295 per month on energy.  The survey looked at natural gas, electricity, gasoline and heating oil expenditures. $295 per month is actually below the survey’s national $305 median.

With its #32 rank on energy costs, you might think that you’re spending less on energy than most folks in the US.  When we break down the details however, a slightly different picture emerges.  Among all states, in terms of individual monthly energy costs, Ohio ranks:

  • 30th for electricity costs
  • 9th for natural gas costs
  • 30th for gasoline costs
  • 19th for heating oil costs

You might be thinking, “Well, this is nice to know, but… so what?” If you look more closely, however, the data provide an opportunity to save money on heating and cooling costs. 

On average, Ohioans pay lower-than-average electricity costs and higher-than-average natural gas and heating oil costs. By powering some of your heating costs with electricity, you may be able to reduce your overall energy expenditures.

One good option for saving on energy costs year-round comes in the form of an air-source heat pump, also known as a “ductless mini-split system.”  Ductless systems are interesting because they provide both heat and cooling.  The systems consist of an outdoor condenser (much like a conventional air conditioner) and indoor evaporator units.  These components are connected by refrigerant lines. When the refrigerant moves through the system in one direction, the system supplies heat. When its operation is reversed, it provides cooling. 

One condenser controls up to eight evaporators, and each evaporator has independent temperature controls.  That means you can create truly functional temperature zones in your home.  A ductless system enables you to heat or cool only the rooms you’re using when you’re using them. 

Other advantages of ductless heating and cooling

Another advantage of ductless heating and cooling systems is… well, they’re ductless!  Conventional duct-based central heating and cooling systems lose a lot of energy – up to 30% – moving air through ducts. Up to 30% of what you’re spending on heating and cooling costs gets “lost” in basements, walls, and crawlspaces. To compensate, you raise (or lower) the temperature or run your systems longer to get comfortable.  By eliminating the ductwork, you minimize your energy losses and maximize your home’s comfort, all while saving money.  As a bonus, you also reduce the distribution of dust, mold, pet dander and pollen that collects in ductwork.

You might think that a ductless system isn’t powerful enough to heat your Ohio home in the winter. Ductless systems are highly effective at producing heat even when the outside temperature falls to -13°F.  With a ductless system, you don’t have to choose. You can keep your natural gas, propane or heating oil furnace or boiler as a primary or supplemental heating system. Run the lowest-cost system when you can, and call in back-up if it’s needed. This approach also means you’ll have heat in the winter, even if one of your systems experiences an unexpected breakdown.

Best of all, ductless systems are highly energy-efficient. When you combine a highly efficient heating and cooling system with other improvements like insulation and sealing, you can save on heating and cooling costs year-round.

DoverPhila Heating and Cooling is your Trane Comfort Specialist! You can take advantage of special financing and rebates on a wide range of Trane heating, cooling and heat-pump products.  If you’d like to have more information about lowering your heating and cooling costs, or taking advantage of available tax credits and rebates, contact us today.

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