Rebates that can help lower your utility costs

Replacing your heating and cooling system is a major investment. Heating and cooling costs are a major component of your annual household budget. Anything you can do to lower your utility costs without sacrificing comfort is worth considering.

Dover-Phila Heating & Cooling is a participating contractor in Dominion Energy Ohio’s Home Performance Program. This program allows homeowners to assess their energy costs, and find high-efficiency alternatives to lower your utility costs.

Rebates in Tuscarawas, Stark, Holmes and Carroll Counties

To participate, Dominion Energy Ohio’s customers can request a home energy audit. A certified auditor will evaluate your home’s energy usage during this 2-4 hour assessment. Normally, a home energy assessment would cost $400-$500. When you schedule your appointment through Dominion Energy Ohio, you’ll pay just $50. For an additional $50, you can have a Nest Wi-Fi-enabled smart thermostat installed. (Nest thermostats usually retail for $169.)

As part of the home energy assessment, you’ll also receive a low-flow showerhead, faucet aerators, a carbon monoxide detector and pipe insulation. These great products can help you lower your water usage, reduce your water heating costs and keep your family safe.

Once your home energy assessment is complete, the assessor will provide you with a customized audit report. This report will make specific recommendations to lower your utility costs. The auditor may recommend adding insulation, sealing ducts, and sealing gaps and hidden holes around windows and doors. The auditor may also recommend replacing older, less-efficient heating and cooling equipment, and upgrading windows and doors.

Major upgrades can be expensive, so Dominion East Ohio is offering rebates on qualified energy-efficient products. Rebates are available for attic and wall insulation, high-efficiency natural gas furnaces and energy efficient doors and windows.

Dover-Phila Heating & Cooling can help you claim a $200-$400 rebate for the installation of a new, high-efficiency natural gas furnace. Qualifying equipment will have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating between 92-96. You can also claim a rebate if you install a high-efficiency boiler, or choose to seal your air ducts.

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