Now is a good time to schedule summer AC maintenance

We’re not quite out of the winter chill, but spring is definitely on the way! That means it’s a good time to schedule your annual maintenance on your home’s central air conditioner. When the mercury rises, it’s tempting just to turn the system on and let it work its magic. By doing that, you could actually be costing yourself big money!

High efficiency central air conditioning systems require regular maintenance by trained technicians. Without regular care, a high-efficiency air conditioning system can lose 15%-20% of its operating efficiency each season. That translates into higher utility bills, lower comfort and an increased risk of breakdowns.

Routine maintenance includes clearing out any accumulated debris in and around the outdoor condenser unit. We’ll check and clean the coils, flush the condenser drain, test the unit’s electrical operation, test the refrigerant level and check for refrigerant leaks and change the filter. With these tasks complete, you can be sure that your air conditioning unit will operate efficiently and trouble-free when the temperature rises.

Why perform routine air conditioner maintenance?

Routine maintenance can help locate potential trouble before it causes the unit to overwork or stop working. It also reduces your annual operating costs by ensuring that your unit operates at peak efficiency. Minor problems that appear in the spring have a way of turning into major problems at the height of the summer heat. It’s also just a good idea to have your AC system inspected after each winter and before you operate it.

Our professional, friendly and courteous staff take the time to explain what they’ve done (and found) during a maintenance visit. We will tell you about the condition of your unit, and what you can expect in the future. We don’t try to “upsell” you on services, or convince you that you need major repairs when you don’t. We just try to provide the best possible service for your heating and cooling equipment.

As the temperature rises, we receive a lot of calls from homeowners who have experienced a system failure – often due to lack of maintenance. You can avoid service interruptions and major repairs by having your system inspected and maintained right now. Schedule your annual air conditioner maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation this summer! Give us a call and we’ll put you on our calendar!

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