How to hire a heating and cooling contractor for your home.

Replacing the heating system in your home is a big project. One thing that may stop you from getting a new furnace or AC system is finding a qualified professional installer. The right installer with the right project can really make a difference in the comfort and value of your home. Here are a few tips to help you get started!

Look for a heating and cooling license!

The Ohio Construction Licensing Board (OCLB) licenses contractors to perform the following services: Electrical, HVAC, Hydronics, Plumbing, and Refrigeration. Any or all of these specialties may come into play when replacing a heating or cooling system. In addition to state licensing, HVAC manufacturers often certify and train installers. In most cases, a certified installer must install the product to ensure full warranty coverage. Put another way, an uncertified installer can void the warranty on your brand new furnace or AC system. Trained installers can also determine the correct size of the system your home needs.

Check the heating and cooling contractor’s references!

Don’t sign a purchase agreement without checking the contractor’s references. (You can do this at the same time you check the contractor’s license.) References should reflect work that the contractor has recently completed. The references should also reflect work that resembles your project in both size and scope. When talking to the contractor’s references, ask whether the contractor completed the work on time. Were there any changes to the quote? If so, what changed, and could the contractor have reasonably foreseen the circumstance? Don’t forget to check out references like the Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, or the State Attorney General’s office for unsolicited references about the contractor.

Look for heating and cooling financing options!

Arming yourself with independent information can be helpful. Check for product rebates, utility rebates, special offers, tax breaks, low-interest or zero-interest financing and other incentives that you may qualify for. All of these things can reduce the cost of your project, and can even open up new options that you might not otherwise have considered.

Learn about the latest heating and cooling product options

Look for product information from manufacturers. This can help you learn about the different features and upgrades that your current heating and cooling equipment doesn’t offer. It can also help you learn about maintenance and installation requirements for your preferred product. Take the time to learn about efficiency, too. More efficient products may cost more up-front, but can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in operating costs over the product’s lifetime. A less expensive, less efficient system could end up soaking you on operating costs for years to come.

Leave yourself time to plan and execute.

Replacing a furnace is a big project. Your heating and cooling contractor will need to spend some time in your home. During a site visit, the contractor will look at your current system and any existing ductwork. The contractor also needs to take measurements, examine the exterior of your home, and verify the capacity of your natural gas connection and electrical system. S/He may also look at your home’s insulation, windows and doors, and any additions to your home. All of these factors determine how well a new heating and cooling system will perform in your home.

If you’re considering a heating and cooling system replacement in Tuscarawas, Stark, Carroll or Holmes counties, contact us at Dover-Phila Heating & Cooling to schedule a consultation.

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