Annual Furnace Maintenance Helps Extend System Life

Throughout Dover, and the rest of Northeast Ohio, long and harsh winters can take a serious toll on heating systems. To ensure reliable, efficient, effective heating for years to come, it’s essential to have your furnace professionally serviced every year.

Prevent Permanent Equipment Damage

From cracked heat exchangers to broken blower motors, damaged furnace components can be difficult and costly to replace. In some cases, serious equipment failures may even necessitate a complete system replacement. The good news is that such problems rarely occur entirely out of the blue. That’s why every annual furnace maintenance visit includes a comprehensive inspection, allowing technicians to detect and prevent potentially major issues.

Keep Your Furnace in Top Condition

Like all mechanical systems, furnaces inevitably wear down over time with regular use. When your system isn’t performing at its best, however, it may need to work harder to compensate. Even something as simple as a dirty air filter or improperly adjusted blower can reduce performance by up to 15%. This increases the stress on internal components, wearing them out more quickly and shortening your furnace’s lifespan. Annual service visits help minimize unnecessary wear and tear by ensuring your furnace is always operating at peak performance.

Protect Against Costly Repairs

Although regular maintenance can help prevent many major breakdowns, some malfunctions simply can’t be avoided. Unfortunately, if the problem is serious enough, that often means you’ll need urgent heating repairs. While maintenance can’t necessarily prevent every potential issue, however, it can help you avoid paying for repairs out of pocket. Most manufacturer warranties only cover equipment that’s been properly maintained, so annual tune-ups are critical to keeping your coverage active.

No matter how harsh the Northeast Ohio winters get, taking care of your furnace will ensure it takes care of you. To keep your furnace running smoothly for years to come, schedule an annual furnace maintenance visit from the qualified service technicians at Dover Phila Heating and Cooling today.

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