A Spring Heat Pump Tune-Up Can Help This Summer in Dennison, OH

You’ll use your heat pump virtually all summer in Dennison, OH, so it could be a good idea to get a tune-up for the system before that season approaches. A spring tune-up comes with a number of benefits, which we’ll outline below.

A Lower Monthly Bill

Currently, your system may not be operating as efficiently as it could. Dirty coils, an out-of-balance fan, an uncalibrated thermostat, and other issues may be contributing to longer cycles, for example, which means a higher bill. Maintenance, though, will rid the heat pump of these problems and so possibly bring your bill down.

Fewer Repairs Each Year

Without maintenance, the small problems with your heat pump will go unnoticed until they cause a major system breakdown. You may wind up paying a good amount for a new motor or other major component. On the other hand, investing in maintenance will allow you to avoid certain repairs; on average, you may only need to call a professional over once or twice between visits.

Peace of Mind During the Summer

Because a well-maintained heat pump doesn’t break down easily, at least without throwing out warning signs, you get greater peace of mind. And while the system runs, you’ll rarely encounter issues like lukewarm air, uneven cooling, or short cycling.

A Longer-Lasting System

Whatever limits energy efficiency also reduces the lifespan of a system. Regular maintenance keeps the heat pump working well and lets you push back the date for a replacement.

If you live in Dennison, contact Dover Phila Heating and Cooling today for more about our maintenance plan. We back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We’re a family-owned and -operated company that provides personalized customer care, and our technicians can perform tune-ups on any make or model of heat pump, including ductless types.

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