4 Signs Your Furnace Is Inefficient in Dennison, OH

As the cold season approaches, you will want your home in Dennison, OH to be comfortably warm. It’s essential to ensure that the heating unit runs at maximum efficiency. Watch for the following warning signs that it might be time to repair or replace your furnace.

1. Increase in Utility Bills

Are your electricity expenses higher than what you normally receive without an increase in the number of electricity-consuming appliances? If so, it may be the result of an inefficient furnace.

An inefficient unit has to work harder to ensure proper heating in your space. As a result, it consumes more fuel, increasing energy expenses. It would be best to contact us so that we can diagnose the problem.

2. Fluctuating Indoor Temperatures

A properly operating unit ensures consistent temperatures in your home. If the temperature does not stay at the appropriate setting, check your thermostat. It might need repair or replacement.

3. Unusual Sounds

Normally, a furnace operates relatively quietly. Some strange noises your system may produce include rattling and banging, indicating a heat exchanger crack. You may also hear a booming sound, likely resulting from minor explosions in the furnace’s combustion chamber.

Another common sound is scraping, which indicates a broken motor mount. All these noises lead to inefficiency because the parts don’t operate effectively. Reach out to one of our professionals to determine whether the concerns are solvable through repairs or if you need to replace the furnace.

4. Need for Frequent Repairs

If your unit requires constant repairs, it shows that it’s inefficient and doesn’t operate at the optimum level. This is most common when it starts to age. Don’t wait for your furnace to break down in the middle of winter.

Are you looking for a heating and cooling company that offers professional service? Look no further because our technicians are highly trained and licensed and provide quality work. Contact Dover Phila Heating and Cooling for furnace maintenance, repair and installation services in Dennison, OH, and the surrounding areas.

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